Assignment 1: Logo
Students are given a brief for an imaginary company and asked to create a logo for it.
Mind Games - “The best game engine is your brain.”
Mind games is a local game company in Savannah, GA. We focus on curating a collection of games to make you think and tell stories. We’ve been open for five years now and surviving but without a clear direction and message. We need a clear and identifying logo for our brand.
Target Audience: 15 to 25
Focused products: any tabletop game with a strong sense of story.
At the turn of the millennium, the government built the superconducting super collider located beneath the soft limestone of the Grand Teton mountains on the border of Wyoming and Idaho.
In the late 2020’s, the government shut down funding for the super-collider as am extravagant waste of taxpayer money. In 2035, eccentric billionaire Secundas von Kronos re-opened the site as a private research institution.
By hurling subatomic particles together at near light speeds, enough energy and mass was created in a super-microscopic point to punch a hole in spacetime. Eventually the development of quantum computing allowed for the creation of mapping and trajectory’s, and temporal tourism was born.
Today, Timeslip offers time travel excursions to events throughout history for high-paying clientele, but it is by charging so much to the select few who can afford it, that we offer our real goal of providing scientists and historians with the necessary samples and glimpses into the past to hopefully better understand humanity’s future.
Assignment 2: Abstract
Students are challenged to create an abstract design given two inspiration options: photos of nature or interpreting a song.
Assignment 3: Major Inspiration
Students are tasked with identifying a desinger in their chosen field of study. They must analyze the designers use of the principles and elements of design, complete master copies of the designers' work, and create their own piece using what they have learned.
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